California State Militia, 2nd Regiment

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California State Militia, 2nd Regiment responds to disaster.

Our group is filled with dedicated volunteers who routinely respond in times of disaster. FEMA certifications and hours of regular training make our response effective and timely when our communities face threats or disasters.

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California State Militia, 2nd Regiment trains all year round.

Our ranks are filling with dedicated patriots willing to put in the hours to train as a team to help their community when they are called upon. Professional instruction at unique and rare locations provides for valuable skill acquisition, JOIN TODAY!

California State Militia, 2nd Regiment prepares for the unrest yet to come.

Our ranks are filling with patriots willing to do whatever it takes to keep their communities safe. Our world has become hostile to freedom, will you stand with us and fight? We sure hope so, JOIN TODAY!

California State Militia, 2nd Regiment is looking for dedicated Patriots willing to support their community and the Constitution.

Echo Company has been the most active Militia Group in the State of California. They have assembled, demonstrated and trained all around the central valley in recent months. CSM is constantly training and expanding their capabilities and equipment. We are not an exclusive group that requires members to meet certain political, religious or professional criteria. Anyone willing to train and contribute is welcome.

California State Militia always conducts itself with professionalism.

Our focus on tactics and training provides our members the tools necessary to get our missions completed successfully. Our community respects and embraces our presence because they are aware we are not a group of loosely bound or poorly trained citizens.

California State Militia, 2nd Regiment makes sure to train in all weather conditions possible.

Our trainings will not postpone, delay or cancel because of 'weather'. We will train rain or shine, dark or snow. Often our multiday FTX's will have exercises through the night as well as a standard fire watch.

California State Militia, 2nd Regiment is equipped with specialized and heavy duty equipment.

When the situations get tough it may call for specialized eqiupment and heavier logistics to make sure a mission succeeds. We have many members that go the extra mile to make sure special equipment is available for situations in which the Regiment or community may need it.

California State Militia, 2nd Regiment gears up and lines up for civil defense in riot situations.

The current plague of riots and public disorder only highlights that the militia has never been more relevent or needed in modern times to ensure the communities are protected from the evils within that wish to wreck havok on their own neighbors and communities.

California State Militia, 2nd Regiment trains in many environments including waterborne.

When the weather gets hot there is nothing better than a waterborne training to add some balance and heat management. We are lucky to have access to several differnt training areas that offer a wide range of environments and terrain.