California State Militia

California State Militia, 2nd Regiment

OP 22-0723

Operation Oak Fire, Mariposa

On July 22nd 2022 Mariposa County was hit with a rapidly spreading wildfire that quickly became the largest ongoing fire in the state of California. When evacuations began to be put into force the California State Militia deployed Echo and Dog Companies to downtown Mariposa to assist the community with evacuation efforts as well as provide aid and supplies to residents. A mobile kitchen was setup by the California State Militia to provide 3 hot meals a day to residents and first responders seeking a hot meal. Cases of water were handed out to anyone who needed water during the hot summer days that made fighting this fire even more difficult. We were glad to see the community coming together to support each other as well as see first responders from all across the state show up to battle the blaze threatening the homes and businesses of Mariposa County. Special thanks goes out to H and L Lumber for allowing the militia to stage and setup in their parking lot to provide meals, water and supplies to evacuees during this deployment. Farmers Insurance was also providing free supplies to anyone who needed them and helped handout supplies left over after the militia wrapped up their deployment.
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