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Requirements to join

Militia service can be exhausting and has some legal issues associated with it. Our members are required to meet some basic requirements and are expected to strive to meeting others. Members are required to meet the following:

  • Be 18 years or older
  • Be in good enough health to participate in our training
  • Must be legally able to own and possess firearms
  • Must NOT be an active duty military member
  • Must reside in California
  • Must be willing to sign liability waivers for training
  • Certain employers may not be able to employ active militia members due to government contracts or security clearances. If you are concerned or have questions your employer or their HR dept would be the one to give a solid answer on this prior to joining.

Militia members are expected to strive to meet the following:

  • Become physically fit enough to meet basic fitness goals
  • Acquire FEMA cerifications and complete FEMA courses on disaster response.
  • Must regularly attend trainings
  • Must follow orders and obey OPSEC guidelines
  • Obey and respect the chain of command and those in it
  • Must NEVER discuss guerrilla warfare, sabotage, starting riots or disrupting a school system

Recruiting Process

Initial contact information is all that is necessary to begin the recruiting process. The process is relatively short and easy to complete and consists of the following:

  • Initial Contact with recruit
  • Potential recruit meets face to face with a recruiter in person at a Meet and Greet
  • Potential recruit fills out necessary contact and personal information packet
  • Recruitment personnel perform a background check to verify the personal information provided
  • Potential recruit is accepted and notified of training events
  • Upon attending 2 training events and acquiring their uniform recruits will be given a member rank

Our Regiment is quickly growing and currently consists of 5 Companies covering different areas of the State. All of our companies often train together once a month usually held on the 3rd Sunday of every month and sometimes will have a second training each month at a smaller scope. Our training varies widely and the focus with each changes making for exciting and educational training every time. We have many members with professional training experience and certifications who have taught law enforcement and military classes in the past.

Our training focus is based on Army Infantry and we follow closely with the Ranger Handbook TC 3-21.76. We focus on the following areas routinely:

  • Troop movement formations: Wedge, file, ranger file, bounding
  • Squad maneuvers: Crossing LDA-ODA, loading/unloading vehicles, evac’s
  • Battle drills: recon, movement to contact, break from contact
  • Individual skills: map reading, land navigation, first aid, radio communications
  • Range skills: short/mid range rifle, mag change, weapon transition, CQB
  • Extended Range: cover fire, bounding overwatch, urban Ops, waterborne

Members are expected to procure their own equipment and maintain it regularly. New recruits are not expected to get all their equipment up front and may acquire it as they can starting with basic uniform pants, shirts, boots and a hat in the Multicam pattern. Some trainings will emphasis certain equipment and they should be prioritized prior to those trainings so that members can get the best training value. New members should use FTX’s to ask other members what equipment they use and for recommendations on what to look for before buying equipment that might not meet our requirements or that may be in excess of what we will need. Used equipment is easy to come by and can save a lot of money on a completed set so don’t be afraid to ask around.

If you seek any information not provided on this website please ask us anything.

We appreciate the support that our communities give us in various ways. If you think you can help provide help in some of these ways please let us know.

  • Allowing use of private property for training.
  • Providing food and drinks for the members while on mission or training.
  • Providing equipment and supplies for members or the group to use.
  • Helping spread the word to bolster recruitment.
  • Providing professional instructional classes at trainings.
  • *Needed - Produce audio/video/graphics for use on the website.

We appreciate your interest in getting our opinions or side of a story. Far too few journalists even attempt to contact us before writing a misrepresenting or false story about us to fit their narrative. We would love to answer any questions you may have or provide statements for use in articles, stories or blogs.

The California State Militia is not a police force and does not provide the services that the police do. While we routinely help citizens with issues some are best handled by your police. When your local police cannot or will not assist you we may be able to help. Every situation is unique and details around it will be necessary to decide if it is something we can assist with. We commonly assist citizens in these manners:

  • Providing added special event security
  • Securing private property if threats are expected or present
  • Clearing criminal activity from private property
  • Protecting constitutional rights of citizens.
  • Aiding any law enforcement agency who seeks our assistance in any capacity
  • We do not accept payment for our assistance. We are here to serve our community.
  • We are not private security and do not provide recurring or routine services.

Our Regiment is divided into multiple Companies whose borders generally lie on county or zip code borders. Providing your general location helps us get your request to the appropriate Company serving your area.

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